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Ontor provides a broad selection of HVAC component parts to manufacturers and wholesalers across Canada. We are both a master distributor and sales agent for the lines we carry. In addition we  act as a logistics warehouse for some of the lines we represent.

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Rydlyme - Tankless Water Heater Cleaning

The Rydlyme Tankless Water Heater Cleaning Kit (RTK) is the fast, effective and safe solution for maintaining your tankless water heaters.
The Kit includes:
- 5 Gallon Circulation Bucket
- 5.8 gpm Submersible Pump
- (2) 6-foot hoses
- (1) Mounting Clamp

RTK Details

Diversitech - Condensate Pumps

Complete line of pumps for every application:
- 2 year warranty on all pumps
- Quick, easy installation
- All pumps have overflow safety switch
- Four inlet holes
- Metal hang tabs
- Rubber Feet
- Check Valve
- Available in 120v and 230v (IQP-120 only 120v)


EDGE - Safety Eyewear

Edge Eyewear takes pride in merging cutting-edge technology with contemporary fashion, providing the finest safety-rated eyewear on the market:
- Unique features to fit the specific needs of different work environments and various facial structures
- Edge glasses provide 99.9% UVA/UVB/UVC protection
- Edge Eyewear is tested in independent laboratories for compliance with CSA Z94.3-07 & Military Ballistic

Edge Brochure

Amaircare - WHISPER 350 Whole House Filtration

Deliver clean air to every room in the house!
- Fully insulated installed HEPA Air Filtration System is whisper quiet and extremely efficient for particulate, bioburden and VOC removal
- Easily delivers 1 ACH to a 2625 sq. ft. area
- Can be quickly installed to the return air duct of the air handling system
- AWW350 diverts a portion of the air from the return air (approx. 30%), cleans the air and introduces it back into circulation
- Third stage VOC canister upgrade is available


Spectronics - OPK-40EZ/E LED Leak Detection Kit

- Features the OPX-400 OPTIMAX™ 400 economical, cordless, violet light LED leak detection flashlight
- Complete EZ-Ject™ Kit
- For small to medium size AC&R Systems
- Versatile, multi-dose dye cartridges
- Injector easily overcomes system pressure

HVAC Leak Detection

Ostberg - CK Circular Inline Duct Fan

- CK Series fans are available both as UL 507 ”Fans Electric” or UL 705 ”Power Ventilators”approved
- CK Series fans feature a 10 year limited warranty
- CK’s are quiet, powerful, high capacity, compact fan systems
- CK’s are designed for the most demanding applications
- CK’s can be installed in any position
- Designed for high static pressure applications, including: carbon filters and long, complicated duct runs

CK Inline Duct Fan

Aquamotion - Instant Hot Water Recirculation Systems and Recirculation Pumps

AquaMotionHot™ ONE:
- For heating systems WITHOUT a dedicated return line
- Installs at furthest point from heat source, typically under sink

- For heating systems WITH a dedicated return line
- Installs on tank or tankless heater

Instant Hot Water

Pietro Fiorentini - Gas Regulators

- Outdoor and indoor models available in pipe sizes ½” to 4”
- 2, 5 & 10 PSIG models available for use on LG or NG gases
- External Vent Limiter that allows it to not require a vent line
- 500:1 Turn Down
- CSA Certified to ANSI Z21. 80A2005, CSA 6.22a-2005 Class I and Class II for outlet pressure up to 1 PSIG

Gas Governors

Air Products - Duct Smoke Detector

- Early detection of smoke and products of combustion in HVAC ducts
- Shuts down system upon detection of smoke or products of combustion
- Operating voltages - 230v, 115v 24 vac and 24 vdc
- Listed for air flow velocities of 100-4000 ft/min, hi-temp applications
- Connect up to 30 units: over 15 remote accessories available

SL-2000 Series

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