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Desert Springs -Products Updates AutoFlush Design

Desert Spring Eco-Products Ltd. (“DSEP”) has released the latest version of AutoFlush, the automatic purge/cleaning system for its patented Rotary Disc humidifier. - The new design uses a proven gravity-fed approach, but with a significant improvement that was not available when the AutoFlush was last re-designed
- The Model DS-AF15 uses a miniature motorized ball valve
- Ball valves are more robust than pumps or solenoids and simpler to manufacture
- The DS-AF15 unit offers more flexibility over previous designs with programmable flush duration and frequency times


Diversitech - Quick-Sling

- Quick-Sling manufacturers quick-slings, quick stands, mini-split stands, quick swivel brackets, wall brackets, boiler brackets
- Quick-Sling provides you with a non-swinging, solid platform that is quick, safe, stable and affordable
- Quick slings or stands can be used to mount equipment in ceiling or attic space and come with 32” secondary drain pan hangers
- Quick swivel brackets can be used to install unit heaters in residential or commercial applications
- Quick-Sling is owned by Diversitech


Legend - M8330 Manifold

The M-8330 stainless steel manifold is designed for use in hydronic heating and cooling systems.
Features include:
- Premium quality and enhanced features for the radiant professional
- Manufactured from premium 304 stainless steel
- Versatile and easily adaptable to a variety of mounting configurations
- EPDM O-rings and seals
- Built-in visual flow gauges for quick circuit performance verification
- The flow meters are easy to adjust using the red lock shield to set to the desired gpm
- Optional 4-wire actuators


Rydlyme - Tankless Water Heater Cleaning

The Rydlyme Tankless Water Heater Cleaning Kit (RTK) is the fast, effective and safe solution for maintaining your tankless water heaters.
The Kit includes:
- 5 Gallon Circulation Bucket
- 5.8 gpm Submersible Pump
- (2) 6-foot hoses
- (1) Mounting Clamp

RTK Details

Diversitech - Condensate Pumps

Complete line of pumps for every application:
- 2 year warranty on all pumps
- Quick, easy installation
- All pumps have overflow safety switch
- Four inlet holes
- Metal hang tabs
- Rubber Feet
- Check Valve
- Available in 120v and 230v (IQP-120 only 120v)


Diversitech - ProTek Glycol

Diversitech has a variety of glycol mix ratios for Heat Transfer Fluid
- Operating range of -50 F to 220 F
- Burst protection to -100 F
- Freeze and burst points are controlled by glycol/water ratio
- Includes food grade inhibitors
- Easy to mix and adjust freeze/burst temperature as required
- Available in 1 gallon, 5 gallon and 55 gallon sizes for any size application


Ostberg - Heat and Energy Recovery Units (HERU)

- Removes polluted and warm moist air while recovering heat from the used indoor air (exhaust stream). HERU provides the space with warm or cool filtered, clean, fresh air
- HERU has a temperature efficiency of up to 86%
- Up to 50 % of moisture is recovered using a regenerative rotating exchanger constructed of aluminum
- 4 sizes available - from 3,000 to 10,000 sq. ft
- Can be mounted in a warm or cool space
- Merv 13 bag filters
- Unit is controlled with a wireless remote control
- Quiet operation

HERU Units

Air Products - Duct Smoke Detector

- Early detection of smoke and products of combustion in HVAC ducts
- Shuts down system upon detection of smoke or products of combustion
- Operating voltages - 230v, 115v 24 vac and 24 vdc
- Listed for air flow velocities of 100-4000 ft/min, hi-temp applications
- Connect up to 30 units: over 15 remote accessories available

SL-2000 Series

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