Legend Hydronics:

Legend Hydronics is committed to technical excellence in all aspects of the business. They maintain a technical laboratory where live hydronic system testing is conducted in a simulated home built to allow testing and training under real construction and job site conditions. Legend Valve and Fitting was formed over 20 years ago. The company was created to meet a major need in the residential, commercial and industrial markets. Legend are proud of the workmanship and quality of their valves.

Legends youtube videos can be viewed at the following link:. LEGENDS YOUTUBE CHANNEL

Legend Hydronics Product Literature:

Radiant Hydronics Catalog
Ambiance Ceiling Panels
Quicktherm Radiant Installation Panels
Versatherm Snap-fit Floor System
M8000 Modular Manifold Series
M-8200 Manifold Series
M-8300 Stainless Manifold Series
Flex Heating Tube
Permanent Connection System

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