New Product Offerings from Packard  |  May 13, 2020
Ontor is incredibly excited to bring you two new products from Packard – the Titan FX Multi-Run Capacitor, and the EC Max RM Refrigeration Motor! The multi-run capacitor is the ultimate inventory-enhancing multi-rate run capacitor, designed with the technicians of today in mind, and the Max RM motor comes as the newest member of the E C Max line, and covers a wide range of watts – reducing the need for a bulky, overcrowded inventory.

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Click here for more information on the EC Max Refrigeration Motors

Bacharach - H10 Pro Refrigerant Leak Detector  |  May 12, 2020
Looking for a refrigerant leak detector you can truly rely on? Look no further than the H-10 Pro. This highly responsive detector uses Bacharach’s proprietary heated diode sensor technology, and can detect all C F C, H F C and H C F C refrigerants, including R-410-A and 507. The H10 Pro can detect leaks to 0.006 oz/yr. With dual power options, you’re guaranteed the best mobility and uninterrupted usage, with visual and audible indicators including incremental flashing L E Ds, internal speakers and a headphone jack.

Bramec - Equipment Pads  |  May 8, 2020
The Bramec Equipment Pad can be used under Air Conditioning Equipment and is extremely lightweight and easy to install. It is made from strong high density polyethylene with UV inhibitors. This new pad is textured on top to prevent slipping and has more ground surface contact area than any other plastic pad. The pad is grey in colour.

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Bramec - Face Masks  |  May 8, 2020
Bramec have in stock Face Masks available for immediate shipment. Bramec item no. 5019, please contact Ontor for further details at

The FIN CLAMP ELEMENT  |  April 30, 2020
Ontor would like to introduce you to the Fin Clamp – a multi-fin hinged hydronic heat element, available in pipe sizes from half an inch to one and a quarter for copper pipe and 1-1/2” & 2” sizes for steel pipe… in one and two-foot sections. The beauty of the fin clamp is that it fits around existing piping, can replace damaged fins and can be used to fix cold spaces with no cutting, soldering or draining. Plus, it can be installed within minutes, meaning minimal downtime.

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The New Digital Manifold from REFCO  |  April 22, 2020
Ontor Limited introduces Refco’s New Digital Manifod, the ‘Refmate’. The new digital manifold REFMATE has been developed by professionals, for professionals. With state-of-the-art technology wherever high-tech means real improvement, so instead of a touch display, the REFMATE has sturdy, intuitive buttons and an easy-to-read color display with an analog pointer. It’s practical too – the REFMATE can be locked for long-term measurements on construction sites.
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Ontor Limited and 2020 Tradeshows  |  March 30, 2020
Ontor Limiteds participation in Tradeshows has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Please see below for information on the CMPX, MEET and CHES shows:

CMPX 2020 – the show was to take place March 2020 but has been postponed. Further announcements will be made as information becomes available.

MEET 2020 - As one of many current measures being taken to protect public health, the Government of New Brunswick has recommended that any non-essential mass gathering of 150 or more people be cancelled or postponed to limit the spread of COVID-19. For this reason, the MEET Show has been postponed until November 2020. The MEET tradeshow , which was originally scheduled for May 6-7, 2020 at the Moncton Coliseum Complex, will now take place November 18-19, 2020.

CHES 2020 - The CHES ON Annual Conference was scheduled for May 31 thru June 2, 2020 in Windsor. Show organizors have announced that the CHES ON Conference for 2020 will be cancelled. The difficult decision was not made lightly, but was made keeping the health, safety and wellbeing of members, delegates and sponsors in mind to minimize the risk to all.

New Sales Representative in Atlantic Canada  |  March 26, 2020
Ontor Limited is pleased to announce the appointment of Tyson Guitard to the position of Sales Representative for Atlantic Canada. Tyson is an eighteen year veteran in the HVAC industry and will be responsible for business development in the Maritimes.
He comes to Ontor with more than twelve years of HVAC Sales experience including Wholesale and Manufacturing agencies. We are excited about the new ideas and added sales that Tyson will bring to our business.

COVID-19 and Operations at Ontor Limited  |  March 17, 2020
With the COVID-19 situation constantly changing in Canada and around the world, we hope that everyone is taking every possible measure to stay safe and healthy.
Each province is making their decisions on closures based on the situation in their respective province.
Ontor will continue to support our valued customers and partners. We are taking steps to help to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Our office staff will be working remotely during this time.
Our warehouse will continue for shipments to customers. We may have to limit pick up orders to help reduce the interaction and possible spread of the virus.
The Ontor sales staff have been asked to be proactive and to check with customers before any visits. We are recommending that they work from home and be available by email or phone.
If you have an urgent request for a salesperson, please contact them and discuss the situation.
We will continue to monitor the COVID-19 advice given by each province and the federal government and make any changes to support their actions on this virus.

Ontor Distributing RadonAway  |  November 26, 2019
Ontor and RadonAway have partnered together to distribute Radon Testing and Mitigation products in Canada. RadonAway, which is a Spruce Environmental Brand, is a leading manufacturer of Radon fans, test kits and mitigation products. Radon naturally occurs in our environment. It is a radioactive gas produced from the breakdown of the uranium in soil, rocks and water.
All houses have some level of radon.

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Spirocombi Magnet  |  October 11, 2019
Spirotherm Inc. introduces their latest product for air and dirt separation, the Spirocombi Magnet.

Recommended for systems with ECM pumps, the Spirocombi Magnet Air and Dirt Separator removes all free and entrained air as well as dirt and debris. In addition, ferrous material is separated using powerful magnets around the flow path, all in an easy-to-install unit. Dirt can be flushed while the system remains operational and a rotating swivel connection allows installation in horizontal or vertical piping using the same unit.

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Desert Spring Humidifiers  |  August 30, 2019
Desert Spring Products have been the environmental leader in furnace-mount humidifiers since 1996. Their products are designed to be environmentally sustainable without sacrificing reliability, maintenance or performance. Only Desert Spring Products offer patented and award-winning products that are recognized for their innovation. Their line of furnace-mount humidifiers provide many benefits that have positive effects on health, home and the environment.

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Oil De-aeration in Heating Systems  |  August 28, 2019
In an oil heating system using a Tigerloop®, all oil passes through the automatic oil de-aerator, which effectively removes all gas/air bubbles from the system. This eliminates oil pump and nozzle problems associated with gas/air in the oil. Tigerloop® offers a solution for an efficient and economic heating installation, while at the same time ensuring reliability and environmental safety.

Tigerholm Series has a number of highly efficient, energy saving products that, thanks to their technically innovative solutions, have made the company a world leader within their niche. .

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Condensate Pumps from Refco  |  August 28, 2019
Two high quality condensate pumps from Refco are the Gobi II and the Combi. The Gobi II condensate pump has a massive flow range allowing its use from 6,000 Btu/H (1.75kW) up to120,000 Btu/H (35 kW). Its digital water sensor, universal voltage and user configurable flow ensure it is the strongest, quietest under A/C mounted condensate pump on the market today.

The Combi condensate pump is an entirely new design specifically manufactured for use in duct-free air conditioning split systems. The Combi is full of custom features that are unique to the world market.The flow range, optional configuration and universal voltage allow both installing contractors and wholesalers to stock and use a single product that fulfills all your requirements.

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Hydraulic Tube Bender  |  August 28, 2019
Ontor Limited is pleased to introduce the Refco HY-TELL, Hydraulic Tube Bender. The new hydraulic pipe bender has bending angle assistance so little effort for tube bending is required. Other features include: solid position on the desk, easy and quick change of the tools, weight: 2.7 kg, supplied in a sturdy plastic case.

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Allanson Industrial Gas Ignitors  |  July 25, 2019
Allansons two new Electronic Ignitors deliver the same dependable power you have come to rely on whether your application calls for 120 volts or 230 volts. There are four different types to choose from, making installation quick and effortless to any application.

These ignitors are IN STOCK and READY TO SHIP. For more information on Allanson Products please visit the ALLANSON Manufacturer Page.

Portable and Jobsite Rechargeable Batteries  |  July 24, 2019
Klein Tools offers two new portable and rechargeable batteries, the KTB1 and KTB2. Klein Tools KTB1 is a Lithium-ion powered portable battery (power bank) designed to charge common mobile devices like cell phones, tablets, portable batteries, headphones, headlamps and other smaller USB devices. KTB1 is equipped with Qualcomm® Quick Charge™ technology, delivering up to 75-Percent faster charging versus conventional USB charging. KTB1 features a rugged, compact design with impact resistant housing to stand up to active, professional daily use. The KTB2 is equipped with class-leading, fast-charging capabilities on all of its ports, which include Type-A Qualcomm® Quick Charge™ Technology, USB Type-A (2.4A) and USB Type-C (3A). It features a 170 lumen work light and multi-position kickstand. The rugged, compact design with impact-resistant housing makes the KTB2 a versatile battery for active, professional jobsite and daily use. click here for more details.

Duct Smoke Detectors and Accessories from Air Products and Controls  |  September 21, 2018
Duct smoke detectors are used for the detection of smoke and products of combustion in air moving through a HVAC duct supply, return or both in residential, commercial and industrial applications. They are used to shut down the air handling system’s fans and blowers to prevent the recirculation of smoke in a building. See our latest flyer on the SL-2000 series and accessories, click on click here to see the latest flyer.